India-wide events

17th November 2022 – BE in Everyday Life
Speakers: Ceren Koca (Google), Rhiannon Beaubien (Farnam Street), Sam Salzer (Habits Weekly) and  Anurag Vaish (Mentza)

10th November 2022 – BE in the Social Sector
Speakers: Sid Shrestha (UNICEF India), Nick Goodwin (Behavioural Insights Team), Ram Prasad (FinalMile Consulting) and Preeti Anand (ideas42)

3rd November 2022 – BE in Corporate Space
Speakers: Jez Groom (Cowry Consulting), Bhushan Kumar (Fractal) and Torben Emmerling (Affective Advisory)

25, 26 November 2021 – Behavioural Economics Bootcamp for Startups
Training for entrepreneurs on incorporating behavioural insights in their company
Speakers: Ceren Koca (Google Canada), Preeti KS (Grab, Singapore), Junofy Anto Rozarina (UniZurich Switzerland)

19 October 2021 – Higher Education in Behavioural Economics
Speakers: Ameya Dandekar , Khyati Dharamshi , Apoorva Mathur , Sriram Sridharan , Radhika Dutt

16 September 2021 – Behavioural Economics in the social sector
Speakers: Diksha Radhakrishnan (CSBC) and Cheistha Kochhar (NITI Aayog BIU)

26 May 2021 – Behavioural Economics research in India
Speakers: Pavan Mamidi (CSBC), Sharanya Chandran (J-PAL)

17 April 2021 – Designing behaviourally for exceptional experience
Speakers: Phoebe Kent (Cowry), Raphaelle March (Cowry)

23 January 2021 – How to make habits stick?
Speakers: Amanda Rebar, Neil Montes

16 to 18 Dec 2020 – Global Conference on Behavioural Economics and Finance

25 July 2020 – Introduction to behavioural finance
Speakers: Junofy Anto Rozarina (UniZurich), Barbora Buchtova (UniMasaryk)

1 July 2020 – Gender Roles: In which direction are they changing?
Speakers: Manisha Shah (UCLA), Joy Kiiru (U of Nairobi), Yogita Verma (Breakthrough India)

18 June 2020 – Understanding Social Norms: During the current pandemic and beyond
Speaker: Cristina Bicchieri (UniPenn)

12 June 2020 – Charitable behaviours during and post Covid19
Speakers: Deborah Small (Wharton), Kiki Koutmeridou (DonorVoice)

4 June 2020 – Psychological factors influencing spread of Covid19
Speaker: George Loewenstein (CMU)

2 April 2020 – Behaving Ourselves: COVID-19 Response
Speakers: Varun Gauri (World Bank), Ram Prasad (Final Mile), Sanna Palsule (Dalberg), Avni Shah (UniToronto)

9 November 2019 – Behavioural Economics Workshop

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