Webinar: Behaviour Science Responses to COVID-19

Webinar Date: 2nd April (Thursday);
Time: 20:30 Indian Standard Time


Given the emphasis on individual and community behaviours and their role in successfully surviving this pandemic together – We have put together a virtual discussion on the Behavioural Science Responses to COVID-19 in India. Our speakers represent a broad range of perspectives on the issue and we hope to contextualize the many potential solutions being discussed at a global scale to local realities.

For any questions or clarifications, do write to us on IndiaBEnetwork@gmail.com

Why be there?
Understanding behaviour is now even more critical given the turns that our society is taking. For a better tomorrow, we hope to curate actionable insights to help each other and the policy makers make better decisions.

Organized by: India Behavioural Economics Network (IBEN)
Knowledge Partner: Vihara

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