About us…

India Behavioural Economics Network (IBEN) is a registered organization and community for anyone interested in behavioural economics and its application, especially in India. It all started in July 2018 with a strong motivation to promote Behavioural Economics in India as it was (and still is) seriously lagging behind in terms of inclusion in academia and policy.

IBEN is keen on advancing the incorporation of the behavioural science in academia, policy and industry in India. Currently, we conduct regular formal and informal events to discuss the science, its benefits, the recent developments and its applications in an Indian context. There is interest and talent all around the country that is yet to come together and we hope to be that bridge.

Past and upcoming events…

Upcoming events
Webinar – George Loewenstein – 4 June
Topic: Psychological factors influencing spread of Covid-19

Recent events
Webinar – Behaving Ourselves: COVID-19 Response – 2 April

Past meetups
Chennai – 8 March 2020
New Delhi – 27 February 2020 (with Busara)
Pune – 16th February 2020 (with Dilip Soman and Biju Dominic)
New Delhi – 30th January 2020 (with BIAS)
Mumbai – 16th January 2020 (with Stephen Wendel)
Mumbai – 20th December 2019 (with Poorvi Iyer and Tinker Labs)

Past events
Behavioural Economics Workshop (New Delhi) – 9th November 2019

Our story…

IBEN started when two masters students at the University of Nottingham, both passionate about Behavioural Economics expressed their discontent over the field not being a mainstream subject in India! A Facebook and LinkedIn group was created about a year later, in 2018, to share developments in Behavioural Economics.

Jafar now works as a Behaviour Architect at FinalMile in Mumbai.
Junofy is a lecturer at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

IBEN is now a wide & fast growing government recognised community (not-for-profit) with regular activities! Thanks to many more behavioural science enthusiasts, we currently have chapters in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi and we plan to expand it throughout India.

Our team

Our core team behind IBEN activities:
Junofy Anto Rozarina
Jafar Baig
Divyani Diddi
Pankti Shah

Apart from the core members, we also have a large number of volunteers spread across the country helping us with various activities!

Get involved…

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You are also welcome to become a volunteer and help us with various activities! Please drop us an email via the form below to get in touch with us. Tell us about your background and how you would like to get involved.

Since we are a non-profit organisation and do not make money through any of our activities, we welcome sponsors to donate for our cause of spreading awareness about this field through our events! If you’re interested, please write us an email via the form below to get more information!

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