IBEN offers training programs for groups of 5-200 participants in various topics including

– Behavioural Economics (introduction/ advanced)
– Experimental Economics
– Behavioural Finance
– UX design
– Science of decision making
– Behavioural Economics for managers
– Behavioural Economics in advertising
– Neuroeconomics
– Behavioural Economics for policy
– Behavioural Science for startups
– Eye-tracking, MRI and other non-invasive tools to study brain activity
– Mental models to aid everyday life

If you wish to train your team/ organisation/ faculty to make more conscious decisions or design more accessible products, write to us (scroll all the way down)! We cater a wide range of audience and customise programs based on the audience’s need. At the moment we offer online and offline classes with breakout rooms hands-on trainings when needed. None of our classes will be pre-recorded and generalised!

Hear what our past participants say!

The decision making course was excellently and specifically designed for our project managers. The training ranged from theory, research findings to practical activities, and covered a wide variety of topics including conflict resolution, mental models, essentialism and using heuristics to our benefit. We absolutely enjoyed the course and plan to repeat this in the future with a different batch of employees.
– Participant from Google Zürich (on ‘Science of decision making’ for project managers)

I did not expect to actually get to handle a real eye-tracking equipment when I signed up for this course. It was awesome. I got to do a mini project using the eye-tracking equipments and present the results on the last day of the course. I have to say, I’m extremely satisfied and would strongly recommend this course for any researcher planning to work in this field.
– Lin Xiang, UZH (on ‘Non-invasive tools to study brain activity’)

The session was informative, relevant and useful. We were provided with a practical session on field experiment data analysis with training on using the software.
– Participants from a faculty development program in India (on ‘Experimental Economics’)

The module on Behavioural Science handled by Junofy and team was the highlight of our incubator program. We learnt how to make day-to-day business decisions, how to handle clients/investors/partners, how to look at data and how to use a number of mental models for our benefit. I have shared the knowledge I got in this module with all my friends and we are looking forward to more such training programs.
– Mark Edmund, participant at Euro startup incubator (on ‘Behavioural Science for startups’)

I found this session very useful. It was Informative, highly skilled and was on a very relevant topic. The course trainer has a very good competence on the subject. Keep up the good work.
– Participants from a course in India (on ‘Introduction on Behavioural Economics’)

It was very different and engaging. It is an essential course for all economics students who wish to truly understand the subject.
– A professor after attending our course (on ‘Behavioural Public Economics’)

Are you interested in our courses?

Please add information on the topic you’re interested in, the mode (online/offline), group size and details of your organisation.