Behavioural Economics Workshop 2019

From Kahneman and Tversky winning the Nobel Prize in Economics for introducing prospect theory and loss aversion to Thaler and Sunstein establishing the importance of choice architecture, behavioural science has unravelled over the past decade. With the success of behavioural science being acknowledged around the world, several governments, including the government of India have taken steps to incorporate this science into their policy sphere.

For the first time in India, IBEN is organizing a unique one-day workshop in association with the Delhi Network (NDBN) to create awareness and dig deeper into the subject and its scope in the Indian context by bringing the community together. Speakers include experts and practitioners from Busara, NITI Ayog, World Bank (eMBeD), Behavioural Insights Team (UK), FinalMile, J-PAL, ideas42, Dalberg and others.

This workshop, on the 9th of November 2019 in New Delhi, will consist of an introductory session to behavioural economics and its impact by experts from policy, industry and academia followed by a session on how the science is influencing the policy environment. We will conclude with a session on how behavioural economics is shaping our various industries and give everyone a chance to network and strengthen the community.

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Live streaming
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