Junofy Anto Rozarina

Junofy is a lecturer, researcher, public speaker and consultant in the field of behavioural economics, decision making and strategic thinking. She has given training programs and provided behavioural science consultancy in large companies such as Google, Migros and UNDP. Further, she regularly delivers lectures in universities around the globe. She has published 2 books and more than 35 research papers.

Currently, Junofy is working on various projects related to Behavioural Development Economics (often using experimental methods).
~ Behavioural aspects of hiring intermediaries to aid with corruption
~ Inter-caste discrimination and trust between students in Indian schools
~ Electoral gift giving in India
~ Difference in the perception of physical appearance among Indian teenagers
~ Effect of storytelling on the acceptance of homosexuality in India
~ Inter/intra-regional source-credibility in Switzerland
~ Immigrant perception in Switzerland


PhD Economics-University of Zurich, Switzerland
MSc Economics– University of Konstanz, Germany
MSc Economics and Development Economics – University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
MBA (HR) – Pondicherry University, India
MSc Psychology – Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India
BA Economics –Central University of Tamil Nadu, India
BSc Psychology – Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India


Research and teaching staff, University of Zurich, Switzerland
(09/2018 onwards)
-Training graduate students in behavioural economics, statistics, econometrics, experimental methods and basics of R
-Working on multiple projects in the fields of behavioral economics, microeconomics, political economics and development economics
Founder and CEO, India Behavioral Economics Network
(07/2018 onwards)
-Founded this first and only organisation in India to promote formal education, workshops, networking events and research collaborations in behavioural economics in India.
Behavioral Economist, Behavioral Economics and Science Team (BEAST global), India
(04/2019 to 02/2021)
-Developing, testing and implementing behavioural interventions to promote sales, reduce bad behaviour and promote healthy habits
Research Assistant, Graduate School of Decision Sciences and the Chair of Corporate Finance, University of Konstanz, Germany
(11/2017 to 09/2018)
-Assisted in cleaning and running analysis of large datasets using Stata and R
-Wrote codes for various experiments conducted in Columbia, Germany and Bangladesh using z-tree
-Worked intensively on a project studying people’s choice in the presence of ambiguity; one analyzing the change in behavior of shareholders with slight changes in (and different framing of) their responsibilities; and one identifying the long-term behavioral effects of ancestral slave holders in Texas.
Behavioral lab assistant, CEDEX and CRIBS, University of Nottingham, UK
(03/2017 to 08/2017)
-Assisted in conducting and troubleshooting behavioral economic lab experiments using z-tree in the Department of Economics and the Department of Business studies
Marketing manager, F&F restaurants, Nottingham, UK
(03/2017 to 07/2017)
-Assessed the behavior of the customers and designed various advertisements and interventions to promote sales and bring down crime at the premises
-The sales (which oscillated between +/- 15% before I joined there) went up by about 350% in the 4 months I headed the marketing team of 3 people.
Research Assistant, Gandhigram University, India
(04/2014 to 07/2015)
-Designed surveys for an international rural-development CSR project
-Distributed the workload of the field-surveyors and coordinated the team
-Analyzed the results and assisted in drafting the report
Data Scientist, Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), India
(10/2011 to 03/2014)
-Cleaned large data sets (on external debt of South Asian countries)
-Ran various analyses using Stata and EViews


R, Python, Ruby, LaTeX, zTree, oTree, Stata, EViews

Comfortable with English and Tamil. Can understand bits and pieces of Hindi and German.


When not working or teaching, Junofy loves to travel, workout and explore new hobbies. She is often found in quiet corners reading random books or writing blogs that she never publishes. She finds joy in associating real life with insights from behavioural sciences and spotting various biases in her every day behaviour.


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