Beyond nudge labs provide an excellent infrastructure for researchers from across the globe to conduct surveys and experimental research. We have a large and diverse group of participants from India who are available to take part in various online and offline studies. We take pride in ensuring global ethical standards and fair compensation for the participants.

Why should I conduct my study with IBEN?

  • Provide a diverse and active pool of participants from all over India
  • Provide assistance in the recruiting process of participants
  • Provide assistance with ethical review of research
  • Provide a Handbook for experiments to guide the research process
  • Provide volunteers as and when possible for smooth conduct of research

The Handbook of Experiments includes detailed information about designing and conducting lab experiments, including data analysis, laboratory architecture, and case studies. It aims to be a unified resource for researchers, providing essential methodological knowledge to conduct successful experiments and draw accurate conclusions. To be released soon!

We have three separate models for conducting research: physical labs, online experiments, hybrid online experiments.

  1. A hybrid online experiment involves conducting a laboratory experiment using procedures that are typically followed in physical labs, but with the added convenience of conducting it live via online platforms such as Zoom or MS Teams.
  2. Online experiments that do not involve live sessions can be conducted by using our participant database.
  3. For the physical lab experiments, we plan those to be located across various cities in India. We are currently working with various research and educational institutions (hubs) across India who are willing to provide us with access to their labs as well as interested students who will partake in behavioral science research.

If you have any questions, please write to us at