Learning Roadmap

👶 Beginner – Start here from scratch!

Week1📺 VideoWhat is Behavioural Economics?
Week1📺 VideoDan Ariely: What Is Behavioral Economics?
Week1📺 VideoThe Economist – Cash from trash: could it clean up the world?
Week1📝 ArticleFree beer, doughnuts and a $1 million lottery – how vaccine incentives and other behavioral tools are helping the US reach herd immunity
Week1📝 ArticleWhy Is Behavioral Economics So Popular?
Week1📜 PaperBehavioral Economics: An entry in the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Week2📺 VideoIntroductory academic playlist on BE
Week2📺 VideoBehavioural Economics Crash Course
Week2📝 Article3 Applications Of Behavioral Economics In The Real World
Week2📝 ArticleEuroMillions jackpot: what we know about how winning the lottery changes your life
Week2📝 ArticleWhy lotteries, doughnuts and beer aren’t the right vaccination ‘nudges’
Week2📜 PaperSix Principles of Behavioural Economics
Week3📺 VideoBehavioral Economics is the BEST Field of Economics
Week3📝 ArticleIrrationality and Behavioral Economics
Week3🃏 FlashCardsRevise: Card Deck on BE
Week4📝 ArticleEthics of Nudging
Week4📜 PaperSmarter Lunchrooms: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Meal Selection
Week4📜 PaperBehavioural economics: seven principles for policy-makers

🧑‍🎓 Intermediate – Start here if you are already set with the basics!

Week1📺 VideoHow Behavioral Economics Concepts Show Up in a Model
Week1📺 VideoWhy Study Behavioral Economics in a World of Big Data?
Week1📝 Article5 Examples of Behavioral Economics in Your Everyday Life
Week1📝 ArticleNot so foolish
Week1📜 PaperSmarter Lunchrooms: Using Behavioral Economics to Improve Meal Selection
Week2📺 VideoRory Sutherland – Behavioural Economics, Humans and Advertising
Week2📺 VideoDANIEL KAHNEMAN – Behavioral Finance
Week2📝 ArticleThe EU Consumer Policy on the Digital Market: A Behavioral Economics View
Week2📝 ArticleBehavioral Economics on Fairness and Reciprocity
Week3📺 VideoApplying behavioral economics to real-world challenges: Kelly Peters at TEDxUtrecht
Week3📺 Videounbound London 2018: Behavioural Economics, Innovation and Beyond with Rory Sutherland
Week3📝 ArticleArticles on Nudge Theory: The Conversation.com
Week3📝 ArticleGlossary on topics in BE
Week3📜 PaperBehavioral Economics Comes of Age: A Review Essay on Advances in Behavioral Economics
Week4📺 VideoRichard Thaler on Behavioral Economics: Past, Present, and Future. The 2018 Ryerson Lecture
Week4📝 ArticleBehavioural economics: What we know and how it could be mainstreamed
Week4📝 ArticleFundamental errors in the voting booth
Week4📜 PaperBehavioural economics: seven principles for policy-makers

🧑‍🔬 Advanced – Start here if you feel ready to dive into advanced topics!

Week1📝 ArticleNudge politics: efficacy and ethics
Week1📜 PaperAn Introduction to Behavioral Economics – Chapter 1
Week2📜 PaperBounded Rationality
Week3📺 VideoProf Richard Thaler | Full Q&A at The Oxford Union
Week4📺 VideoDavid Kreps: Choice, Dynamic Choice, and Behavioral Economics
Week4📜 PaperDynamic Choice

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