Alain Samson

Alain Samson is the founder of and Chief Science Officer at Syntoniq. In the past, Alain worked as a consultant, researcher, and scientific advisor, both independently and through LSE Enterprise, the consulting arm of the London School of Economics. His experience spans multiple sectors, particularly finance, media, consumer goods, higher education, energy, and government. What motivatedContinue reading “Alain Samson”

Bhaveshi Agarwal – Fractal

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your background? I did my triple-major undergraduate degree in psychology, sociology, and economics. I didn’t want to let go of either psychology or economics and that’s when I came across behavioural economics, which was a perfect combination of my interests. That’s why I did myContinue reading “Bhaveshi Agarwal – Fractal”

Cláudia Simão

Cláudia Simão is an invited Assistant Professor and Scientific researcher at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics. She is a Behavioural Scientist and Consultant with a PhD in Experimental Psychology. She has designed 500+ research studies/experiments and has published 30+ scientific articles on human behavior. What motivated you to work on Behavioural Science?I haveContinue reading “Cláudia Simão”

Nuala Walsh

Nuala Walsh is the Founder and CEO of MindEquity Consulting, as well as the Founding Director of the world’s first Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists. She is a global business leader, behavioural scientist with decades of experience in Fortune 500 firms. What motivated you to work on Behavioural Science?A desire to understand people’s well-intendedContinue reading “Nuala Walsh”

Nick Goodwin

Nick Goodwin is the Director of International Programs for BIT Asia Pacific. He specialises in management, behavior change and social impact and has managed and advised in programs focused on health, education, sanitation, livelihoods, child development, governance, agriculture and environment issues. What motivated you to work on Behavioural Science?I started my professional life working inContinue reading “Nick Goodwin”

Torben Emmerling

Torben is Founder and Managing Partner of Affective Advisory, the author of the D.R.I.V.E. Framework for applied behavioural science. He is a Founding Member and Non Executive Director on the Board of the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists GAABS, a Board Member of the Behavioral Insights for better Politics and Societies Initiative BIPS. WhatContinue reading “Torben Emmerling”

Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini  is the Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University and was a visiting professor of marketing, business and psychology at Stanford University, as well as at the University of California at Santa Cruz What motivated you to work on Behavioural Science?Two things. First was a recognition that, although manyContinue reading “Robert Cialdini”

Cass Sunstein

Cass Robert Sunstein is an American legal scholar known for his studies of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and law and behavioral economics. He is also The New York Times best-selling author of The World According to Star Wars (2016) and Nudge (2008). What motivated you to work on Behavioural Science?My interest started inContinue reading “Cass Sunstein”

George Loewenstein

George Loewenstein is an American educator and economist. He is the Herbert A. Simon Professor of Economics and Psychology in the Social and Decision Sciences Department at Carnegie Mellon University and director of the Center for Behavioral Decision Research. What motivated you to work on Behavioural Science?A fascination with human psychology — with what ‘makes people tick’. MyContinue reading “George Loewenstein”

Christina Gravert

Christina Gravert is an Assistant Professor at University of Copenhagen and one of the directors of the Copenhagen Experimental Laboratory. Se also cofounded the behavioural science management consultancy Impactually. What motivated you to work on Behavioural Science?I have always been interested in how and why people make decisions the way they do. But rather than focusingContinue reading “Christina Gravert”